What our visitors say

We like to know what our visitors think so we keep a visitor book in the gift shop. We have had lots of visitors who have been very complimentary about our garden, cafe and gift shop. Here are some comments from our visitor book. When you come to visit please do sign the visitor book and, if you want to receive our regular newsletter give us your email address as well.

Here's a recent comment from a visitor who also receives our newsletter.

Thanks for the great newsletter. Mona Vale Garden Club visited Wildwood Garden yesterday - we were greeted by Wayne at the gate & Sue was in the "Aladdins" gift shop - as I would call it. The club members were looking forward to morning tea and we were not disappointed - we were surrounded by the sounds of the cicadas mingled in with bird calls. Wayne started the group off on their walk around the garden. I particularly enjoyed the waterfall, conifirs, maples and the shade in the garden. The two 10yr old girls who were with the group abandoned their electronic devices and made an adventure to find different things within the garden especially the large bird nests with huge "dinosaur eggs". The rose garden was just beautiful and overall we had a great morning. I will have to come again in Autumn to enjoy the colours in the garden... Cheryl from Mona Vale

Excerpts from the Wildwood Visitor's Book...



Just Gorgeous (Robyn & John, Kurrajong)

Nice & interesting (Bob & Margaret Raynham, Kurrajong Village)

Stunning & professional layout (Michael Russo, Bligh Park)

Beautiful walk & garden (Anne & David Nelson)

Marvellous garden experience - wonderful variety of trees and plants (D & D Crommelin, Strathfield)

Thoroughly enjoyed it.  Beautiful garden admire your work (M & J Jenkins, Alice Springs, NT)

Lovely. Great - quiet spots to daydream especially near the waterfall (A, Five Dock)

We had a great time.  I loved the great environment & plants (Luca,  Five Dock)

Thank you for creating such a beautiful place to visit (Heather Palmisan)

Lovely wandering garden. Lots of variety, great atmosphere - cafe great as well - we'll be returning soon (Maureen Seve)

Lovely garden, love lake, statues & flowers - can't wait to return (Jaimee)

I love the garden & I can't wait until the fairy garden to grow! (Jessica)

Beautiful peaceful walk.  Love the waterfall. (Tania, Stanhope Gardens)

Love your work, love the pies, keep up the good work (Brad) 

Love it - we'll be back - well done (Les & Lil, Warrimoo)

Loved the walk through changing vistas. Will be back in different times (W Jensen)

Absolutely stunning - a beautiful ramble & loved the quiche (Sue Gorham, Agnes Banks)

Interesting! A garden for all seasons, we'll be back (Kevin & Maureen Cooper)

Beautiful garden, enjoyed the walk & all the interest along the way - we'll be back in autumn (Allan & Marion Yuen)

We loved the waterfalls (Josephine & Charlie Zahren)

The walk was beautiful the garden was amazing...

We enjoyed the garden very much (JP)

Absolutely wonderful that after passing of Wayne's Garden World we can admire the garden just the same.  Just a shame the dog wasn't still to be found somewhere (Rob & Melanie White) - Editor's note: Schultz is still around, just taking it easy over at the house.

Lovely gardens & walks - thanks for opening the garden to the public. We can see lots of hard work & plenty of great results - well done! (Heather & John Turner)

Great to see all the ideas of 15 years ago maturing so beautifully (Allan & Judith Johnstone, Richmond)

Everything tastefully done - grateful for the seating. Good luck & miss you from North Richmond (M. Sullivan)

Beautiful gardens & surrounds - love the bell birds as well - lots of work to keep it so pristine (John & Cara, Glenhaven)

What a lovely peaceful place, great garden.  Lots of thought & work involved - terrific. *B & P Connolly)

Peaceful & serene.  The abundant bird life was very enjoyable. Beautifully designed & much loved space. (Jan & John)

Beautiful gardens - we loved the waterfall - its a wonderful place. Thank you (Bill & Anna)

A magnificent garden! Thank you for sharing it.  (Ray & Elizabeth Stevenson)

Absolutely beautiful garden - we couldn't imagine how much work & love has gone into making this garden so wonderful. A tribute to you all. (Darrell & Dorothy Green, North Richmond)

A magnificent, beautiful garden, thoroughly enjoyable to wander through. Well thought out! Thank you. (Guy & Trish Whitty)

A truly beautiful spot - good work - thank you for sharing it. (Liz Drover)

 I loved the peace, the birds, the whole place, thank you...

Beautiful, great work. (Mary Mizzi)

Very lovely. I look forward to many more visits with thanks. (Victa & Pam)

All your hard work shows much appreciated. (Bill & Paul)

The perfect solitude!  It's a credit to you all.  (Lyn Dogger)

Beautiful garden - so nice to see you all again -will be back soon. (Ann & Ed)

 Just lovely - words cannot express.  Thank you! (Jenny & Andrew Smith)

Beautiful you have done a great job. (Carolyn Whiley & Warren Currey)

Beautiful day, very peaceful & relaxing - thank you. (Robert Milligan)

Thank-you for opening your garden for us. Beautiful, tranquil & homely - can't wait to see as it matures. (Matt)

A magical experience - so peaceful & relaxing. Thank you so much. (Joan Hook)

Beautiful garden - congratulations Sue & Wayne. (Joan Silk)

A prayer filled place!  Beautiful - thank you. (Ruth)

I waited quite a while for my invitation but it is super & a credit to you both. (Gwenie Cooper)

My sister Carolyn & myself were very impressed with your lovely garden - congratulations. (Cheryl B)

Your work is an inspiration - we are going home to copy some of your ideas..

A wonderful garden. (T & L Clewett)

Lovely garden - loved the bellbirds. (Jean Fay, Bunderberg Qld)

A great garden you have made a beautiful spot...

What a wonderful garden you have to done & I will be back with my granddaughter who will love the fairy garden.(Shayne)



A great garden - we will be back with our garden club. (Bev & Barrie Redshaw)

Fabulous - can't wait to return...

A beautiful garden that is inviting & enchanting.  We'll be back every season to enjoy its beauty...

Beautiful garden. (Karilyn)

Top day - a must see in all seasons! Love the bellbirds. Great variety of Australian native trees too. (Hayden & Julie)

Beautiful garden, lovely little shop & coffee - we'll be coming back. (Pat & Jean)

A real credit to you - it's beautiful. (Jack & Sally McGeady)

A beautiful spot & many hours of work - we really enjoyed our walk - many plants we grow at home in NZ. (Heath & Claude Manning, Peneparaumi NZ)

Beautiful - so peaceful. (Joy, Emu Plains)

Beautiful. (John & Marlene Healy, Kurrajong)

Amazing. (David Powell, Orange)

Really beautiful garden - great coffee - food & service. (Joyce, Glenorie)

Enjoyed the lovely walk around your beautiful gardens - thank you. ( 'The Barringtons')

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