Camellias at Wildwood (A-K)

 'Brushfield's Yellow' a wonderful Camellia japonica.

Wildwood garden includes some 600 different varieties of camellias. The flower from autumn to mid spring with a peak in late winter and early spring. Here are some of the varieties you may see in the garden. Sue stages a camellia show during August to showcase the flowers from her garden and also stocks plants in the nursery. This year (2013) the camellias shows are on August 17-18 and August 24-25.

 Camellia japonica 'Alta Gavin'

 C. japonica 'Aspasia Macarthur'

 C. japonica 'Ballet Dancer'

 C. japonica 'Black Velvet'

 C. japonica 'Bob Hope'

 C. japonica 'Can Can'

 C. japonica 'Carters Sunburst Pink'

 C. japonica 'Cho Cho San'

 C. japonica 'CM Hovey'

 C. japonica 'CM Wilson'. This cultivar is a sport of 'Elegans'.

 C. japonica 'Coronation' also called 'White Nun'

 C. japonica 'Courtesan'

 C. japonica 'Dixie Knight Supreme'

 C. japonica 'Dona Herzilia de Frietas Magalhaes' (also sold as 

'Donna Herzilia'). It has the honour of having one of the longest cultivar name of any camellia.

 C. japonica 'Drama Girl'

 C. japonica 'Easter Morn'

 C. japonica 'Ecclefield'

 C. japonica 'Elegans'

 C. japonica 'Elegans Splendor'. A sport of 'CM Wilson'.

 C. japonica 'Elegans Supreme'

 C. japonica 'Emperor of Russia'

 C. japonica 'Erin Farmer'

 C. japonica 'Extravaganza'

 C. japonica 'Faith'

 C. japonica 'Fimbriata'

 C. japonica 'Great Eastern'

 C. japonica 'Gwenneth Morey'

 Camellia 'Higo Dewaitairin'

 C. japonica 'Holly Bright'

 C. japonica 'Iwane'

For more Wildwood camellias see 'Camellias at Wildwood (L-Z)'